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“Why compromise on wearing shoes made for everybody else?”

No two people’s feet are exactly alike. Even our own two feet are not identical in length or width. When shoes are made to the exact measurements of each individual foot, there is no need to compromise on the comfort of one foot over the other. After all, your foot is as unique as your fingerprints.

“A pair of bespoke shoes is all about quality and craftsmanship designed for discerning individuals who appreciate the finer things in life.”

Bespoke shoes are a combination of the perfect fit, control over design and a completely handmade product, So comfortable like your second skin, you will forget that they exist.

Your feet are measured and examined. Meticulous notes are taken on the precise statistics of each foot. You can choose the exact design and materials you want to represent your unique character.

A pair of wooden “shoe lasts” is made as a model for your feet. These shoe lasts become a permanent record of your feet shape and are stored away. Subsequent orders can therefore be made with the same high standards. As your feet change with time, your shoe lasts can be modified accordingly.

Measurements are used to produce a pattern specific for each customer and the chosen design. The pattern includes all the intricate details and information needed to make your shoes look and feel just right.

The shoe lasts of each customer are used to make a pair of trial shoes. Careful attention to details goes into each stage of crafting. The trial shoes are for trial only and customers can try these on to see if they fit. Several fittings may be required to ensure the perfect fit.

The final finishing process will be conducted right after the trial is approved.

Basically the process of making the trial shoes will be repeated except that this time everything is final.

From measurement taking to final finishing and polishing. Hundreds of shoemaking steps and not less than 6 different skills are undertaken to create your unique pair of bespoke shoes.

It usually takes about six months to make a pair of bespoke shoes with repeat pairs ready sooner. Different from machine made shoes, the outsoles of bespoke shoes can be replaced repeatedly with no limit. With proper maintenance, your pair of bespoke shoes can last for several decades and even a lifetime.